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Premium produce share


We invite you to join us for our eleventh year of Community Supported Agriculture.  Last year we delivered another amazing season and look forward to another great one this year!

Our certified organic premium farm produce share is comprised of a wide variety of specialty vegetables, herbs, and fruits. In your weekly share you can expect a nice mix of seasonal produce from the farm. We go to great lengths to provide top quality produce.

We specialize in hard to find heirlooms that are chosen for their culinary and medicinal qualities. Our shares feature a long list of specialty greens, heirloom tomatoes, numerous European heirloom vegetables, fruits, and herbs.


Thanks for joining us...CSA is sold out for the season!


Along with all the specialty crops you can also expect the staples such as potatoes, carrots, broccoli, onions and much more. 


Your farm share will arrive in the best condition possible. All greens are hydro-cooled in our pure glacial well water. After washing and spin drying they are stored overnight in our cold storage at the perfect temperature. The fruits and vegetables that require pre-chilling are stored in the cold storage prior to being packed for the trip to you. When you arrive at your pick-up location you will find your produce neatly organized into a bank of heavy duty coolers. This ensures that your produce will be fresh each week. It's a lot of extra work but we know it's worth it.

CSA Share


Organic fruit is included in your farm share for no extra charge. We include fruit such as blueberries, strawberries, melons, apples, blackberries, Asian pears, cherries, and more. During the 2017 season we were able to provide organic fruit in over 90% of the weekly shares. Some CSA's charge up to $300 extra for fruit that is not even organic.


Listed below are a few examples of boxes that we provided in previous seasons. There are usually between 7 and 10 different items each week.


Week  1 – Green and Purple asparagus, strawberries, garlic, baby Swiss chard, chocolate mint, Red Russian kale, baby curly kale, rhubarb, and lettuce mix


Week  3 – Strawberries, Rainbow kale, Cippolini onions, broccoli, Tuscan lettuce leaf basil, fresh garlic, asparagus, and heirloom lettuce heads


Week 6- Cherries, Blueberries, Icicle radish, Red Russian kale, Indian cucumbers, squash blossoms, red cippolini onions, baby zucchini and basil


Week 9 – Heirloom tomatoes, baby collards, blueberries, pickles, squash blossoms, Dragon Tongue beans, Butterball potatoes, baby kale, Toscano kale and rosemary


Week 12 - Heirloom cherry tomato mix, Italian zucchini, Cantaloupe, chocolate mint, Italian purple beans, baby kale, nasturtium flowers, pickles, parsley and apples


Week 15 - Sweet pepper mix, potatoes, gourmet eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, mini bell peppers, pineapple tomatillos, apples, buttercup squash


Week 17 - Apples, Italian roasting peppers, French fingerling potatoes, rosemary, apple cider, butternut squash, sunflower heads


Each week members will receive an email with a description of the weekly package and recommended recipes.  All of our recipes both from the past and present are archived on our website. 


We strive to remain a low priced certified organic CSA so that everyone can afford to purchase a share of quality local organic produce.


Egg Share option  - In addition to your fruit and vegetable share you can purchase an egg share. An egg share gives you a dozen beautiful, happy hen eggs for every produce share you receive. Therefore, a full share is a dozen eggs every week, a half share is a dozen eggs every other week. Though our hens are fed our organic greens and veggies we have chosen not to certify our egg operation because of the added expense.

  Basket of fresh eggs


Summer CSA dates


Shares will be available Saturdays in Evanston

June - September

so that you receive the summer season's premium products!



Pick up locations


Downtown Evanston Farmers Market @ Intersection of University Place and Oak Ave. (Saturdays)


On farm @ 3522 Pier Rd (Sunday/Monday)


Local home delivery us to see if we deliver to your area!



Pick up Hours


Evanston market  8 - 12 noon


Michigan farm 12- 2 pm



Full premium produce share (June - Sept) - $550 ORDER


Half premium produce share pricing - (full package delivered bi-weekly June- Sept)- $300 ORDER


Full Egg Share -$102  ORDER


Half Egg Share - $54 ORDER


Payment Options

To pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover for no additional fee visit our market page or call 269-762-0992.

Or print the membership form and mail with a check for the appropriate amount to 3522 Pier Rd, Benton Harbor Michigan 49022.

Sorry no refunds.



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Rick Bayless: the celebrity chef who supports local farms 

 How can we support local farms?

Frequent farmers markets...“That’s the best support you can do,” says Rick. Consider this: food in the US tends to have traveled hundreds of miles from its point of origin to your plate. Think of all that packaging and the fossil fuels used in transport, plus the conventional agriculture methods used in production. Food at farmers markets tends to have traveled shorter distances and has been grown using environmentally friendly methods.



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